In This Small Spot is Released!

I am thrilled to at last have In This Small Spot in print (but only digitally right now – paperback to follow)!

I’ve referred to the odyssey this little story has been through – it began in 2008 when I entered it in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award competition. I looked at it kind of like American Idol (or at least what I imagine AI to be since I’ve never watched a single episode) in that I didn’t expect to win, I only wanted to make it far enough along to catch the attention of an agent or publisher. The book did make it to the semifinals (10,000 to the top 500), but no agent or publisher came calling. So, I submitted it myself, and it did get a contract – a three-year contract during which the publisher did… nothing. Nada. Well, they did design a cover, and set a publication date that got bumped again and again and again until the contract expired and now… here we are at last!

Things do work out for the best most of the time. As joyful as this event is, it is tempered by the fact that we will be leaving tomorrow morning to bury my father (if you didn’t know he had passed away, please see the post below, Memories of My Father). He will be buried in way upstate New York, nearly in Canada, where, apparently, the ground is too frozen for burials until the spring thaw. But even this is a small cause for celebration, as it will reunite me with aunts, uncles and cousins I haven’t seen in nearly thirty years.

Thank you for following this little blog, thank you for reading and thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my dad.


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