School’s Out for the Summer…

Our local school year just ended this past week. I remember summers being a magical time – getting up early (because I wanted to, not because I had to) and slipping out of the house while the world was still asleep; long days of playing in the woods near our house; nights spent playing games with the neighborhood kids until our moms called us in to get ready for bed.

I don’t remember ever going hungry. We had three meals a day and snacks if we wanted them.

But that isn’t the case for many families in our area and across the country. The recession isn’t over for millions of people. And lots of low-income kids depended on free breakfasts and lunches while school was in session. That free food just ended for them.

Food banks and soup kitchens all over the country are overwhelmed now with the increased demand. It seems strange that the summer – normally a time of plenty – is a time of greater hunger for poor families who have kids home all day now.

In an effort to make a small dent in the need here in my locality, I am going to put my e-books on sale for these last two weeks of June and I will donate 25% of all proceeds to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. I wish I could put the paperbacks on sale as well, but that is a much more complicated process. I will add any paperback sales during this period to the total for calculating the donation as well as the copies that have sold this weekend prior to the price change going into effect.

This is a great time to save money on (I think) some pretty good books and help do something good for others all at the same time! If you’ve already bought them for yourself, think birthday presents, Christmas or Chanukah presents (hey, it’s not that far away!). Or, pass this post along to friends you think might enjoy these books and encourage them to contribute to a good cause.

Just go to the books page of this blog. Click on the book cover and it takes you to Amazon. Or look for the Smashwords links below.

If you can, you might also think about contributing to the local food banks wherever you live. I’m sure they have as great a need as ours.

Peace and full bellies to all,



12 thoughts on “School’s Out for the Summer…

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  2. Just an update for anyone checking, we raised $200 for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, a result of book sales and a generous contribution from a friend. I wish it had been more, but this should help the food bank. Thank you to everyone who supported this venture.

  3. Caren, Thanks for sharing your happy childhood memories as well as your thoughtfulness for those less fortunate. This was a great way to bring attention to the need all around us. Kindness is so classy!

    • Thank you, Liz. I was fortunate to appreciate, even as a child, how great my childhood was. I never wanted to grow up! But now that I have, it’s nice to be in a position to try and help folks who are struggling.

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