Guest Blog on The Henderson Files

Author, artist and friend Patty G. Henderson is hosting me on her blog, The Henderson Files, this week. My topic: How Lesbian Is Lesbian Enough?

Intrigued? Please check it out! The link to Patty’s blog is in the Blogs I Follow box over to the right. Let us know what you think, and please note the covers of Miserere and In This Small Spot that Patty so thoughtfully added – they’re the result of her cover artistry!

Thanks for reading,



2 thoughts on “Guest Blog on The Henderson Files

  1. Great article! For me, one huge appeal of your work is the maturity of the characters and the focus away from a one-dimensional portrayal of the beautifully complex dynamics in the relationships between women. Your books are such a refreshing change from the previous “adolescent” romance novels of our not-so-distant past. In our own development as lesbians, those romance novels filled a need, and, for some, that need still exists. I, however, totally embrace your books — works that capture the complexities and intricacies of our complex and intricate lives as lesbians. Marge Sent from Marge’s iPhone

    • Thanks for saying so, Marge. And I often love a romance, be it book or movie, but I was chagrined at the attitude that if a book doesn’t include sex scenes between women, then it can’t be labeled as lesbian literature. We are so much more!

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