February Blues

The fun of the holidays is long over, although we do still have all of our Christmas decorations up. The Christmas tree (artificial) is twinkling at me as I write. We normally like to keep our Christmas decorations up long after Christmas, but this year, most of the month of January was spent with first one, then the other of us getting the flu. Just like that, the month was gone. Now, February is here and it feels as if spring will never arrive. Why is it that the shortest month of the year feels like the longest?

On the bright side, my upcoming novel, Turning for Home, has been edited and proofread, and is now with the formatter, getting ready to greet the world this spring!

Despite that upcoming bright spot, the weather outside today is gray and dreary. Winter’s cold is hanging on, and the yard is kind of an ugly mix of snow and frozen mud with only bits of grass popping up here and there.

So, to help get us through this next month, I’m putting all of my novels on sale for $4.99 at Amazon and Smashwords for the month of February. For those of you who do your book-shopping at Bella, they now have a Bella Bucks Loyalty Program! Earn bucks for every purchase you make there.

So if, like us, winter is keeping you inside, make the most of it! It’s a great time to read!

proofSHE_SINGS3 jpgYEAR OF THE MONSOONflat proofNEITHER PRESENT TIME2front proofIN THIS SMALL SPOT2flat           Looking Through Windows Cover    MISERERE_eBook


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