In Gratitude

I have tallied the royalties from May and June book sales and I am very happy to let you all know that the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank will be receiving a check for $300. That amount includes a generous contribution from a friend, GB. That brings the total that Corgyn Publishing has donated to the food bank to over $1000!

Thank you to everyone who bought books in support of this fundraiser. And a further thank-you to all who have written reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and Smashwords. Even when they’re just a couple of sentences, reviews really do help other readers decide to give a new author a try.

On the subject of gratitude, I want to share a couple of stories that have deeply touched my heart. Last year, when In This Small Spot won a Goldie at the GCLS Awards night, I shared that a woman who has since become a dear friend had told me that that book helped her during her own cancer diagnosis. I recently heard from another woman that she’d started reading that novel just as her ex-husband was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer.  She told me that she hadn’t known at first why she’d felt compelled to read that particular book, but now she knew. She was writing to thank me!

How can any book or author be paid a higher compliment than that it helped someone at such a critical time in her life?

And while I’m on the topic of gratitude, I want to thank all of you who have followed the story of my patient, “Brian”, offering up healing energy and prayers for him. He is now officially in remission from his pancreatic cancer. He is the only person I have ever known who has successfully completed a chemo regimen for that diagnosis. June marked one year since his diagnosis. He’s back in physical therapy and I am delighted to say that he now complains that his exercises are his source of pain, but it’s a good pain!

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be at the Golden Crown Literary conference again, renewing friendships and greeting people I haven’t seen for a year. Something else to be grateful for.



2 thoughts on “In Gratitude

  1. Congratulations on a successful fundraiser, Caren!
    It’s wonderful that you have so much to be grateful for. No doubt many people will be thankful for the food that your donation will provide. And I’m sure that many readers, now and in the future, will be grateful for the comfort and inspiration that your books can offer.

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