Cast Me Gently Release and Fundraiser

I am so pleased to announce the release of my latest novel, Cast Me Gently, available exclusively through Ylva Publishing’s brand-new webstore! (CLICK HERE) This novel will be available at Amazon and Smashwords and other distributors by mid-October, but this site is really cool! It even has the capability of letting you leave reviews!

Cast Me Gently has received some wonderful pre-release reviews over on Goodreads and at Publishers Weekly.

Those of you who have followed my blog know that for the past three years, I’ve been doing summer and holiday fundraisers for my local food bank. To date, I’ve been able to donate over $1000 to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, thanks to your support.



I’m really excited about this book (but don’t I say that about all of them?). This novel of first love took me back to my first love, all the neurotic anxiety, the super-high highs and the super-low lows. I blogged last year about writing this novel. You can about that HERE.

Cast Me Gently features a large cast of supporting characters, including one who is a homeless man with a dog. In researching this book, I came across an organization which provides food and veterinarian assistance for homeless people with pets.



I’ve lost pets before and the heartache is bottomless. I cannot imagine how much more heartbreaking it must be to lose a pet when it is almost all you have. This organization helps provide vaccinations as well as spaying and neutering and sick care for the animals of homeless people. So this fall, my fundraising efforts will support Pets of the Homeless.


I will donate 50% of my October and November royalties to this cause. Purchases of any of my books from Amazon, Smashwords, Ylva and Bella Distribution will all go toward this fundraiser – paperbacks and e-books.

Together, we can do something really cool for a very worthwhile organization!

So, please, pay a visit to Ylva’s brand new website and webstore and remember to leave a review to let other readers know what you thought. Thank you so much for your support.


6 thoughts on “Cast Me Gently Release and Fundraiser

  1. Congratulations, Caren, on Cast Me Gently’s publication! And thank you for supporting a charity with such a wonderful mission.

  2. You’re an amazing author and human being, Caren Werlinger. I was going to buy a copy of your new book anyway, but now there’s even more reason to do so. I don’t know how you manage to keep putting out really wonderful books so fast, but I do admire what you do. Your characters are always fully formed, with a depth not many achieve. Keep them coming! Betty Phillips

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