Cast Me Gently Giveaway

I want to thank everyone who has been buying my books this month. You have gotten my Fall Fundraiser for Pets of the Homeless off to a wonderful start.

Just a reminder for any of you who haven’t read my last blog post – I will donate 50% of my October and November royalties to this cause. Purchases from Amazon, Smashwords, Ylva and Bella Distribution and other distributors will all go toward this fundraiser – paperbacks and e-books.


Tomorrow, the 15th of October, Cast Me Gently goes live on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords and other distributors, though the e-book is available in all formats at Ylva Publishing now, as is the paperback at Amazon and other distributors.

To add to the excitement, I also have five (5!) signed copies of Cast Me Gently to give away. But rather than go through Goodreads (where one “winner” of my last giveaway promptly posted his copy on eBay), I’m going to do the giveaway myself to make sure the copies go to those who really want them.

The rules:

  1. The winners will be chosen from those people who post honest reviews of any of my books (full novels only, not my short story, Twist of the Magi) between now and 30 November. I will also include those who posted early reviews of Cast Me Gently, if they notify me that they wish to be entered.
  2. And I mean honest. Not every book will appeal to every reader, and there may be something you felt was lacking, but honest reviews really do help other readers find books they may enjoy. (Just please be constructive)
  3. If you’ve read any or all of my books in the past, but haven’t posted a review, do it now! Or buy an e-book of Cast Me Gently and let folks know what you thought of it. Each book you review will count as a separate entry, so if you review three of my novels, you will be entered three times.
  4. Your review(s) can be posted on Amazon, Goodreads, Ylva or Smashwords (but only if you purchased from Smashwords), or better yet all of them!
  5. Send me an e-mail (cjwerlingerbooks AT yahoo DOT com) or message me on Facebook to let me know you posted a review and you will be entered in the giveaway.
  6. At the end of November, I’ll make a numbered list of those who posted reviews and use a random number generator to pick my five winners.
  7. Winners can be in any country. I’ll pay the shipping if the winners are international.


If you just enjoy reading and really don’t like writing reviews, that’s okay. You can buy some great books and your purchases will still help a very worthy cause. How can it get any better than that?

No matter how you choose to participate in this little venture, thank you so much for your support.



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