Beastly Things

I’ve been working like crazy on edits for my newest release, and I realized, this will be my tenth novel! Holy cow! It really feels incredible to hit that number. Not sure why ten is any better than nine, but double digits is pretty cool.

Anyway, about this book… Years ago, I came across a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke which I fell in love with. I translated it from the German and knew it would be my inspiration for a book someday. I’ve had it tucked in my book of ideas (yes, it’s an actual book of book ideas), and finally, its turn has come! Here is my translation of Rilke’s poem:

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 8.36.35 PM

translation copyright Caren J. Werlinger


From that poem, a lovely story has been born, The Beast That Never Was, with an equally lovely cover, courtesy of Patty G. Henderson.


And here is the blurb:

What if Beauty was the Beast?

Lise’s father is dead, and the life of plenty and freedom that she has known as the daughter of the King’s Huntsman is gone. She must now live a life of duty to her mother and sisters, helping them to cope in their altered circumstances. But where her mother would have her wed a childhood friend to secure their future, Lise knows that is not what she longs for.

When she meets a mysterious woman in the forest, Lise feels the stirrings of emotions she cannot give voice to, but with this woman, she doesn’t have to say anything—Senna knows.

Cursed, hunted, and feared, Senna has been forced to wander from place to place for more years than she cares to remember. She gave up hope long ago that there could ever be an end to her isolation.

Odd sightings in the forest—monsters of legend come to life, old enemies back from the past, fearsome beasts on the prowl—begin to frighten the people of Lise’s village. Somehow, all of these things are connected to Senna. As the villagers’ fear grows, so does their hatred.

Senna prepares to flee, accepting what has become her fate, but Lise isn’t ready to give up her one chance for happiness. Soon, only Lise stands between the villagers and the woman she has grown to love.

I hope that sounds intriguing to you! I’m planning on a release close to Memorial Day, so stay tuned for updates.

© Caren J. Werlinger


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