Well, June is gone, and that means my fundraiser for my food bank is now over. Time to tally up the donation.

But before I do that, I wanted to update you on some other things that have happened over the past few months. When I try to think about the more recent ones, I realize that they actually began with things that happened before.

Ripples. One thing intersecting with another. Life is amazing sometimes.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 7.51.13 AM


So I have to back up a bit. Months ago, when I was searching for review sites for books, I came across a wonderful team of reviewers at Rosie Amber’s site. I normally reach out to reviewers for my newest releases, but earlier this year, I was friended on Facebook by a woman whose twenty-year-old gay son had committed suicide a few months earlier. It’s so tragic that young LGBT people still feel so desperate that suicide feels like their only option. I decided to see if anyone on Rosie’s team was interested in reviewing Turning for Home. I think this particular story is an important one for a few reasons: it depicts the difficulties of growing up gay in a small town (then and now), but it also shows how the things we think we understood as teenagers can continue to haunt us as adults until we see those events through the lens of time.

A couple of reviewers accepted, including Francis Guenette. In addition to her wonderful review (HERE), Francis has a fantastic blog. She is an author whose books have been added to my TBR list; she posts gorgeous photos of her garden, but she also blogged about her experience with BookBub.

For those of you who don’t know, BookBub is a subscription service where readers can sign up to receive e-mails listing free or discounted books in their preferred genre(s). Authors or publishers can submit books to be offered on BookBub. At first glance, it makes no sense to pay to list your book for free or a discounted price, and it’s very competitive to get a book listed, but it works.

I was able to get Neither Present Time listed for a BookBub deal on 15 June. Over 10,000 people downloaded it for free. So how did this contribute to my fundraiser?

Well, Francis described it accurately as the “halo effect”. Not only has Neither Present Time received about twenty additional reviews between Amazon and Goodreads from new readers, but those same people have discovered my other books, generating more reviews for those books, and on and on.

Another unexpected benefit of all of this is meeting new people, including a new on-line friend who wrote me yesterday to let me know that she was just accepted to the Golden Crown Literary Society’s Writing Academy. The GCLS conference starts in two days, where I’ll be moderating a panel and doing a presentation on publishing.

So all of these ripples have led to my writing a check for $400 to The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. Thank you to everyone  who bought books these past two months. Your support is so very much appreciated.

Happy 4th of July to everyone here in the U.S. and, to everyone else around the world, have a wonderful Monday.



9 thoughts on “Ripples…

  1. I’m thrilled for you that so many new readers have discovered your books. I firmly believe that once someone reads one of your books……they’re hooked for life. I also appreciate your tie-in with your local food bank, kindness and generosity paid forward is the world I want to live in.
    Happy 4th!

  2. Congratulations on your success with BookBub (10,000 copies! Wow!), and all the resulting ripples. It’s a neat connection that Neither Present Time, which in part is a book about a book, is leading so many new readers your way. And that’s wonderful news about your food bank fundraiser total.
    I hope your panel and presentation at the GCLS conference go well. Have a great 4th of July.

  3. I’d have loved to have heard you at the GCLS event in July! Are you scheduled for other events in the DC metro or nearby Virginia area? Do you teach writing, or would you ever consider doing a day-long class, perhaps through the Bethesda Writers Workshop or similar group in Virginia? You are one of my favorite authors, along with Ursula Le Guin and Nicola Griffith. Please keep writing, and I will write more reviews!

    • Kate, I’m incredibly honored to be included with authors such as Le Guin and Griffith. Wow. I am not scheduled for any other events anywhere. I’m not familiar with the Bethesda Writers Workshop (or others), but thank you so much for your interest. I will keep writing and thank you so much for your comments and reviews!

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