Living In Between

It’s Saturday morning, and I’m up early as usual, sitting in the dark with the dogs all sleepy around me. I love these mornings, but it got me thinking again.

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photo: William Wegman

On Thursday morning, a co-worker wished me a happy Thursday. Thursdays are early days for our clinic as we open and close an hour early, and it’s a running joke how much we drag coming in that extra hour early. I replied, “Happy Friday Eve.” And then I stopped.

It’s not the first time I’ve been struck by the fact that, recently, I seem to measure my life from Friday to Friday, with little to no memory of what has been happening in between. When I schedule patients, my life jumps a week at a time. All of 2017 leapt by me, as I watched it disappear week by week.

I don’t want to get old(er) and wonder where all those in between days went.

When my love and I first got together, we celebrated the eighteenth of each month as a month-versary. We went out to dinner and acknowledged that special day every month. We did that for probably two years, but at some point, I can’t remember exactly when, we stopped.

Our time together is now measured in fractions of a century, as we celebrated 25 years at our last anniversary. Yikes!

We recently lost the last of our parents, and we’re analyzing finances in preparation for retirement, if we can ever afford to retire with all the changes in the political and financial reality we find ourselves in.

But it hit me this week. We really need to make a renewed effort to live all of these in between moments, the days in between our weekends – the eighteenths and the sevenths and the twentieths – we need to live them all, not just breeze through them, waiting for the weekends, while life passes us by a week and then a month and then years at a time!

When I think back on the past, certain things stand out in my memory, but there is so, so much living that goes on in between those things!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, wherever you are, and a better week ahead – reading, talking, visiting, loving – just living your in between.




7 thoughts on “Living In Between

  1. Caren,
    As always, I found your thoughts profoundly moving and pertinent to what’s going on in my life. Thank you for taking the time in the quiet moments of the morning to share yourself in this way.

  2. I know what you mean, Caren. It seems that as we get older, time passes faster. And when we’re following a usual routine, it passes even faster. It’s interesting that when I’m doing or experiencing something new and different, like travelling, that time passes more slowly for a while, until it speeds up again! But you’re right that it’s important to try to slow down and fully experience the everyday moments.Thank you for this thoughtful reminder.

  3. We’re fond of nineteenths here … we met on a nineteenth, got married on a nineteenth, and somehow our major decisions about Life, the Universe, and Everything, seem to fall on nineteenths too. 😀

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