When the Stars Sang

My thirteenth novel is now published! When the Stars Sang is a beautiful story of a woman longing for the kind of home she hasn’t known since she was a child. She returns to Little Sister Island off the coast of Maine, the place she and her brother spent magical summers with their grandmother until the summer he drowned. It’s been almost twenty-five years, and she is pulled back by a call she can’t resist.


Nearly twenty-five years ago, Kathleen Halloran’s brother drowned during the last summer they ever spent with their grandmother on a remote island off Maine’s coast. Like a siren’s call she can’t resist, Kathleen is pulled back to Little Sister Island. She leaves her job and her girlfriend, packs up her few belongings, and moves into her grandmother’s cottage.

Molly Cooper loves life on Little Sister, where the islanders take care of their own. Kathleen Halloran doesn’t belong here, and her arrival stirs up unwelcome memories for the islanders—including Molly’s brother. Molly is certain Kathleen will pack up at the first big blow. When she doesn’t, Molly begins to see maybe there’s more to Kathleen than she thought.

Sometimes, before you can move forward, you have to look back.


8 thoughts on “When the Stars Sang

  1. I’m reading your book and I’m totally involved and fascinated by this beautiful story. I like it very much as I enjoyed your other novels. you can tell wonderful stories. thank you from an Italian reader. I apologize for my imperfect English

  2. I happened onto When the Stars Sang about 5 days ago and was thrilled by it. Such an original and wise premise. It was the first book of yours I discovered. Since then I’ve read through the Dragonmage trilogy. It is not a genre I read much but I had faith and started and could not stop. I just finished an hour ago, and sat in our front garden to think about it. It is brilliant and compelling writing. Thank you so much!

    • Wow, charley (is that your first name? Sorry if it isn’t)!!! You have no idea how much your comment means. It’s always such a joy to hear from a new reader (or any reader :-)), but especially because the books you’ve read are such favorites of mine. Take care, Caren

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