Wowed and Humbled and Terrified

This has been an incredible week for me. Thanks to the efforts of a dear friend who has been an advocate for my books, I’ve been invited to participate in Shenandoah University’s Children’s Literature Conference!

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 7.32.08 PM

I’ve participated in panels and sessions at the Golden Crown Literary Conference but, to be honest, most of us in the lesbian fiction genre will never be bestsellers outside of our tiny niche. We have very loyal and wonderful readers, but they are small in number.

This Children’s Lit conference is an entirely different part of the literary universe. This is its 33rd year. The presenters and guests are world renowned. They are major award winners (think Newbery Medal) and have been on the NY Times bestseller list. They are mainstream, major bestsellers in children’s literature. This is rarified air.

The organizer of the conference, Dr. Karen Huff-Stewart, has been so gracious and excited about the addition of an LGBTQ element.

I’ll be speaking about four of my books that feature young protagonists. Like me, the girls in my books knew at a very young age that they were different. There are a lot of books now written for very young children with two moms or two dads, and tons of YA books written for teens in high school (and thank goodness for all of them!), but there are very few written for kids in between – too young to be worried about dating or romance but old enough to know who they’re drawn to or that they identify differently.


the-portalfinalflat                               THE STANDING STONESjpeg


I cannot tell you how excited and how terrified I am about this opportunity. Wish me luck!




12 thoughts on “Wowed and Humbled and Terrified

  1. Congratulations, Caren!! You’re the world’s best choice for this honor. And it’s a natural position for you to be in. I’m so very happy for you. You have created some strong and incredibly brave young characters; I would love for them to be more widely known and appreciated by a diverse audience.          Enjoy being in the limelight with other luminaries. May your light shine ever brighter!         Marty       

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  2. I’m happy for you, Caren! It looks like a really interesting and impressive conference. Wow… Lois Lowry!

    I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully, and it will be a great way to get the word out about your books to a whole new audience! Let us know how it goes!

  3. Caren, congrats, try to ease up on the ‘terrified.’ I believe a lot of people could enjoy lgbtq fiction if they would just try it, and you in particular have stories that deserve this opportunity. Your characters will go before you and capture hearts!

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