Pax Tecum 2021

I have to admit, when I wrote my Pax Tecum 2020 post, I had no idea we’d still be this mired in so many difficult things. At that writing, I was scheduled for my first covid vaccine injection in a few days. There was the anticipation that, with the coming vaccines, we’d soon be well on our way – not to eliminating covid – but to managing it. Joe Biden had been elected by a huge margin, and there was a feeling of euphoria at the knowledge that a change in administration was coming in a couple of weeks.

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Looking and thinking back over this year, it is almost unbelievable how much has happened, both good and bad: the Capitol insurrection, the rollout of vaccines, wildfires out West, hurricanes and floods and tornadoes globally, the Delta variant and now Omicron, my own retirement, and the discovery of new family I had never known.

The enormity of it all has felt overwhelming, crushing at times, but then, there have been moments of absolute delight.

It’s so easy to focus on the bad, glued to the news for the latest breaking story, thinking, “What’s happened now?” Why does the bad grab hold so much more strongly than the good?

We’ve had to consciously make the decision to look for the good, to see and count the innumerable small blessings that surround us every day.

I don’t make resolutions at the New Year, but this year, the thing I have determined to do is to make more time to be still…

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My wish for all of you is that you will find the stillness to see the good and beautiful things in your life, and that there will be many of them.



13 thoughts on “Pax Tecum 2021

  1. I generally have a positive outlook but these past couple of years have tested me. I don’t make New Year resolutions but I have made a pact with myself that I will work hard to
    keep my positive outlook and work daily to be someone who does the small things to help others. Saying hello with a smile, holding a door open, returning grocery carts from parking spaces etc. I’d like to see us get back to civility and kindness to each other.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Beth, those things, though they seem small, are huge in terms of their ability to make someone else smile or lighten their burdens a bit. Here’s to more civility and kindness everywhere! Happy New Year to you, too. 🙂

  3. I like your advice on finding stillness. It’s something that’s so important for reducing stress. I’m glad you found your good moments in 2021. Happy New Year!

  4. Still reading,but I am on the last book.I don’t know how you do it. I feel each book in so many ways, and I can’t explain it.Each has taken my breath away in some way, and each ( but for one ) has also brought me that deep breath of relief. What a storyteller you are! Here, you are a teacher. I too have fallen into the habit of expecting the worst so much of the time. I hope this year helps me tp find my way back to the positive. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and energy. I appreciate you.

    Happy New Year to you and all of your beloveds, and may you find something that sparkles in every day. For that matter… I hope we all can find that sparkle. I suspect that for some you ARE that sparkle.Thank you !

  5. Thank you for your sweet words. They brought an involuntary smile to my face. You know the kind I mean? Not in response to humor or to wish someone well. Just the kind that sneaks up on you from within.

  6. When I read this post I had just finished “Invisible, as Music” and had just started reading your book “In This Small Spot”. Et cum spiritu tuo! Both had me laughing (your very subtle humor hits me fully) and releasing tears that were so cleansing. Your books (which strike me as The Gospel According to Caren) have embodied your wish for us in this post. To be still and aware of the good and beautiful. Thank you so much for your writing. Your books have affected me as the Gospel should. I feel braver, empowered, and embraced.

    • Wow. This is one of the most humbling messages I’ve ever received. Thank you so much for letting me know anything I’ve written has helped you as others have helped me. Paying that forward is a tremendous honor.

  7. Caren,
    Your stories continue to feed me. Your dragonmage was a surprisingly powerful read and I just have to thank you again. ( really, though, I could write after each book the powerful movement in my spirit that they bring) Finishing the Chronicles of Caymin the very morning before watching Zelensky addressed the US Congress augmented my perspective of war and human power grabs. Caymin’s reluctant leadership flowed from an earthly animal love and power from ancient magic that is about living in harmony with all creatures. When the forest had too many humans it’s health was jeopardize. The sense of all parts of the organism earth being alive was illustrated so well. And too, the fact that a Christian could still have faith and embrace this as well even while the Christian culture rejected him. It is hard to find words for the depths of understanding that flow from dwelling in your stories. I continue to draw strength from dwelling in the space of such healing characters. I have had to stand tall and respect those who reject me just because of who I love and how I experience nature. I have tried to write many times and kept stumbling over words that have always come hard for me – but I had to let you know once again that your gift for story has been a continuing blessing for me on my journey.

    • Dear Mevraz, your comments humble me. Truly. To create stories and characters that do more than entertain, that reach into readers’ souls and touch them — that has been my dream. Thank you for reading, and for letting me know how these books have touched you. My best to you as you continue your journey. Pax, Caren

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