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The newest addition to the Little Sister Island is available for pre-order now! It will be live on 16 September 2022. The New Shore continues the story of Kathleen along with several other islanders. Available at Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, and Apple.

An Unlit Candle, the followup to In This Small Spot, is now live everywhere! Available at Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, and Apple.

My newest release, Face the Wind, continues the story of life on Little Sister Island. It goes live 31 August 2020! You can buy at Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, and iBooks. It will be available at Bella soon.

My fifteenth (!) novel, Invisible, as Music, is now available (the ebook goes live on 15 November 2019). You can buy at Amazon, Bella, or Smashwords (plus B&N, Kobo, iBooks, etc).

A Bittersweet Garden is going live on 1 March 2019! Early reviews have been positive. Get your copy today! Available for a special introductory price on Amazon and Bella and Smashwords!


Number 13! When the Stars Sang is now available on Amazon and Smashwords!

When the Stars Sang was named a finalist for the May Sarton Book Award.

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And the long-awaited third book in The Dragonmage Saga: Buy at Amazon


The second book in The Dragonmage Saga is now available on Amazon!


Please check out The Portal and see what happens with Caymin and PĂ©ist as they try to stop a pending war!

I just uploaded my tenth novel to Amazon for pre-order! I blogged about this book’s inspiration HERE.


My newest book is very special to me. It’s my first fantasy! Rising From the Ashes: The Chronicles of Caymin is the first in a planned trilogy. It’s available from Amazon now!


My eighth novel, Cast Me Gently, is available from Ylva Publishing at their brand new webstore! If will be available at Amazon, Smashwords and other distributors by mid-October. This novel has already received some wonderful pre-release reviews at Goodreads and Publishers Weekly.


In This Small Spot is a 2014 Goldie Winner!


My newest novel, Turning for Home, published by Ylva Publishing is available as of 27 February 2015!


               Turning for Home is available at Amazon

Looking Through Windows Cover

        Looking Through Windows available at Amazon, Bella and Smashwords

Miserere available at Amazon, Bella and Smashwords


In This Small Spot available at Amazon, Bella and Smashwords


Neither Present Time available at Amazon, Bella and Smashwords


Year of the Monsoon available at Amazon, Bella and Smashwords


She Sings of Old, Unhappy, Far-off Things available at Amazon, Bella and Smashwords


Twist of the Magi available for only 99 cents at Amazon and Smashwords


15 thoughts on “Books

  1. I have been reading several of her books over the past week and am amazed at the powerful, beautiful, incredibly haunting stories in them. I am a voracious reader, and there are many authors whom I enjoy tremendously, but I believe CJ Werlinger stands in a class all of her own. She is an amazing writer!

      • Miss CJ, I am only a couple chapters into Rising from the Ashes. I m one of these people who if I can’t get through first chapter I like d of scan read the book. With this one of yours I am captivated by the character Ash. And I wanted to say that I am more than excited to continue with this book. I read all the time . It seems as though it’s my only get away from the every day BS. And I truly felt the need to tell you , even after only a few chapters that I am loving g this book.(plus I couldn’t find a spot to tell you how excited I am to read more exempt right here. lol) anyway so back to “Ash” and you will more than likely here from me again when I finish it.

        Sincerely, Julia

      • Julia, thank you so much! I love Ash, too. She’s a special girl. I hope she and her friends continue to captivate you as you go on their journey with them. If you want to contact me privately, you can email me at cjwerlingerbooks AT yahoo DOT com. Take care, Caren

  2. I just joined Good Reads and discovered your website. I am a 55-yr old lesbian living in St Louis MO writing my manuscripts/memoirs. Did you self-publish? Your book “Miserere” looks great, I especially like the cover. Who designed it? I’m originally from J and really don’t like St Louis. You have to look too far to see the ocean!

    • Thank you, Colleen! What a nice surprise. Sometimes we don’t have any idea if places like Goodreads really help readers and authors connect, so your feedback is especially welcome. I do self-publish now (more about that journey in some of my past blog posts, if you’re interested). The photo in my blog header was taken in the Outer Banks. Good luck with winning a copy of Miserere!

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  4. Hi, Caren. I just wanted to say that I love your books, esp. Looking Through Windows & In This Small Spot. I really didn’t expect to cry when I started them, but I just did without knowing it. I think you’re great and I look forward to reading all your new books in the coming years. Please keep up the good work!

  5. Where and how did you learn to write so well? your work is far above most of the average / typical work from LGBTQ publishers.

    • Wow, Kate! You just made my day. Heck, you made my whole month and it’s only April 1st! (Wait, this wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, was it?) Really, I so appreciate your comment. I can only say that I’ve spent a lot of time reading and studying other quality authors, trying to learn from them. I know I’ve said it before, but Rumer Godden was a master storyteller. If you’ve not read anything of hers, you should. Thanks again, Caren

  6. Is it possible to purchase hard / paper copies directly from you instead of Amazon? The first two Caymen novels would be great holiday gifts for the kids in my life. I know Amazon isn’t the best way to support authors because they keep most of readers’ dollars.

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